Anesthesia Workstation Atlas N7

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Atlas N7 anesthesia workstation takes the feature-rich anesthesia system to a new level. Full electronic flowmeter for more accurate setting, more conveniently observe and longer duration, to fully meet the needs of all your patients.
The anesthesia machine consists of anesthetic gas delivery system, anesthetic gas
delivery device (optional Draeger evaporator or Penlon evaporator enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane, desflurane and isoflurane, five kinds of anesthetics) anesthesia ventilator, electronic flowmeter assembly, anesthesia and ventilation systems, anesthesia gas purification system transmission and collection system, module monitoring (optional AG module, CO2 module, BIS module and multi parameter patient monitor).

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● 15.6" TFT touch screen, integrated patient monitor design.
● Dual touch screen, special and simple-operation screen layout.
● User friendly design interface, easy to operate.
● Human engineering design, rotatable supporting arm and adjustable angle.
● Product dimension: 1490mm x 900mm x660mm
● Auto-test guidance, visual operation guidance
● Full-electronic control and electronic flow meter, precise control and accurate data monitoring. In line with respiratory physiology, avoid man-machine confrontation
● All ventilation modes to satisfy neonate, pediatric and adult patients.
● Integrated breathing circuit with built-in heater.
● Fully-Electronic for flow meters (Unique design), functional-test: including system leakage and compliance, calculation, automatic switchover.
● Calculation, automatic switchover, if O2/NO2/Air deficiency: O2←→Air, N2O←→O2
● Fully-Electronic fresh gas flow control (Unique design), gas supply measured by presure sensor.
● Electronic and Mechanical Flush 02 .
● Bypass switch, absorb switch status detect, 4 wave display in the same screen.


Work Surface Height(With casters) 149cm(58.6inch)Width                  90cm(35.4inch)

Depth                65.6cm(25.8inch)

Safe shelf loading          15 kg±0.5kg

Screen 15.6 inch TFT LED screen, 1366*768 pixels (17”/19” Optional)
Gas control & supply Electronic control gas mixer, O2, N2O, Air
Position for vaporizer Dual positions (Selectatec bar)
ACGO Standard
Electronic Flowmeter O2, Air and N2O(numerical/bargraph)
By-pass Standard
Ventilator Software V-CMV, P-CMV, V-SIMV, P-SIMV, PRVC, PRVC-SIMV, Manual/Spont, CPAP, PSV, HLM
Spirometry loop P-V,P-F,F-V, reference Loop
Spare Cylinder yoke Optional (O2, N2O )
Li-ion Battery 1 battery, 4800mAhOptional (2 batteries, 9600mAh)
AGSS Optional
Waveforms Up to 4 waveforms
Auxiliary power outlets 4
Castors Four castors(dual wheels 125mm) with 4 separate brakes
Drawers 3 with lock
Reading lamp LED lighting Included
Gas monitor module Optional(CO2, AG)
Built-in Heater Standard
O2 cell Standard
Vaporizer Optional (Draeger/Penlon/Northern)
Patient monitor Optional
Suction Device Optional


Pediatrics applicable breathing circuit

Breathing Circuit

1. Detachable aluminum breathing circuit, upward or downward bellows design.
2. Easy to disassemble for clean and sterillization demand.
3. Position detection of breathing system installation.
4. Support the demand of autoclaving at 134℃.

Exellent CO2 absorber

1. Soda lime canister can be easily operated by one hand.
2. Easy to exchange soda lime during the operation.
3. Position detection of canister installation
3. With by-pass tech position detection of canister installation.

Superior ventilator

1.10~1500ml tidal volume to meet the surgical needs of for neonates, pediatrics and adults.
2.Fresh gas with compliance and leakage compensation.
3. VCV,PCV, PSV, HLM, SIMV, ACGO, Manual ventilation modes.
4. Alarms of incorrect installation of breathing system and soda lime canister.

Accurate ventilator

Large Workbench

Large workbench

1.Can be easily disassembled for clean and sterilization.
2. Stainless steel material can stand any chemical sterilization agent.
3. LED lights equipped to provide lighting for the workbench.

Advanced technology and design

ACGO, Emergency AGSS Fresh Gas, Attachment Bracket, Auxiliary Outlet, AGSS.

Emergency Fresh Gas
Attachment Bracket
Auxiliary Outlet

Smart operation & control

1. Auto FiO2   

One key FiO2 Concentration set up, automatic adjust oxygen flow to maintain FiO2 if fresh gas has changed.

Touch and slide to modify the setting value, high efficient operating.

Auto FiO2
Electronic Flush O2

2. Electronic & Mechanical Flush O2

Flush O2 can be operated by electronic button on the touchscreen or mechanical button on the workbench, user friendly control.

3. Color coding

Different color stands for different parameter unit, it is very intuitive for the user to check and distinguish different parameters simply by the colors.

Color coding

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