Critical Care Ventilator

  • iHope turbine based ventilator RS300

    iHope turbine based ventilator RS300

    1. RS300 is a premium non-invasive turbine driven ventilator with no compromise on the performance in invasive ventilation.
    User can easily switch between NIV- and IV-modes by UI operation only.
    Comprehensive parameter monitoring describes the full scenario of patient’s status to the care giver.
    2.In a busy ICU it is imperative to give the desired mechanical ventilation to the patient.
    An 18.5 inch vertical layout touchscreen display makes operating of the ventilator smooth & easy.

  • iHope turbine based ventilator RV200

    iHope turbine based ventilator RV200

    1. A compact turbine driven ventilator with multi-function, covers the
    non-invasive and invasive ventilation, and is suitable for treatment of most patient type. RV200 is versatile throughout hospital and transport.
    2.iHope RV200 is designed with user friendly UI, advanced features and thoughtful visual guidance work flow management, bringing you a real brilliant experience during daily work.