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  • ICU Solution

    ICU Solution

    We design intelligent workplaces with integrated alarm systems using ergonomic, patient-centred workflows to promote the healing process. Our protective mechanical ventilation tools, in combination with our patient and respiratory monitoring solutions, help you better achieve your therapy goals.
  • OR Solution

    OR Solution

    We optimize OR workplaces for efficient anesthesia delivery and surgical procedures using innovative operating room equipment and monitors with intuitive user interfaces. Our proven anesthesia machines are uniquely designed to protectively ventilate surgical patients and thus help reduce the risk for postoperative pulmonary complications.

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  • Introducing X-Link MD: Revolutionizing Clinical Applications!

    Introducing X-Link MD: Revolutionizing Cl...

    The future of medical innovation is here! We are excited to introduce the new X-Link MD, the ultimate medical recording and playback system that promises to revolutionize clinical applications! X-Link MD is a powerful all-in-one medical recording and playback device with advanced features. Whether you are ...
  • RESVENT University Hall | The relationship between CO2 emission and the increase of mask air leakage

    RESVENT University Hall | The relationshi...

    Q&A Q: Should I open the multi-functional hole on the mask to promote CO2 expulsion? A: Opening the multifunctional holes on the mask to promote CO2 expulsion does not actually promote CO2 expulsion in patients. Howev...