Heavy X-ray Shielding Automatic Door (4-6mmpa)

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LinCare automatic sliding X-ray room doors are produced for x-ray rooms where hygiene and x-ray protection are critical. Radiation doors are critical for the safety of medical staff and patients to protect them from stray radiation from x-ray sources and nuclear medicine. Different door surface materials are available for our lead lined doors. Many doors to the x-ray area are larger than standard and heavy to operate due to the high lead content. Sliding doors are much easier to manage – if the door is really big and heavy, it can be fully automated. This is a self-sealing sliding lead lined door for an x-ray room or CT room.

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Duo to its architectural structure and the special circumstances, the challenges of hospital buildings faced by the building management system are to adapt the concept of function room. The LinCare medical doors using a variety of linkage methods and start methods are to meet the individual needs of different customers, stable and reliable operation. Manual / Automatic mode the freedom of choice to respond to different places to provide multiple solutions.

Product Features

1.Lead sheet thickness 4mm ~ 6mm is inside the door plate and wall frame to shield the X-rays and protect human body against a variety of harmful rays.
2.The X-ray shielding doors have passed the inspection of the institution of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and meet the requirements of X-ray protection. (Radiaprotection No. 2006-087).
3.Rubber seal strips are installed in the door frames and door body, which will meet the hygienic requirements of hospitals and other places.
4.The control system is designed in accordance with the safety requirements of medical electrical system, and also multiform control modes could be adopted according to the hospital requirements, that will not cause electromagnetic interference to other equipment at the same location.
5.Both on-wall and build in type of automatic sliding doors and hermetic sliding doors could be made to this kind of doors.


Door Weight

Max 500kg

Door Width

1000mm ~ 2000mm

Clearance Height

2000mm ~ 4250mm

Opening Speed

250 ~ 450mm/s (Adjustable)

Closing Speed

250 ~ 450mm/s (Adjustable)

Open Delay Time

2 ~ 20s (Adjustable)

Closing Force

> 500N

Manual Open Force

< 200N

Power Consumption

< 200W



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