Operating Room Automatic Hermetec Door

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LinCare medical door series offer a full range of hospital hygienic door system for integrated solutions. Different from the general building management, hospital systems require specific functions for different areas of public health care services to ensure the accessibility of the channel an path.

LinCare medical doors could well meet the clean door system functional requirements of hospital environment, and also adapt to the individual needs of patients and visitors. The hospital channel designed to make patients and visitors feel comfortable and more conducive to the patient’s recovery. LinCare medical doors at different space reasonably use different systems to take full advantage of the volume, that not only protect the operating room and ward room space from the interference of external factors such as air and noise, while flexible operation, but also flexible for operation.

LinCare The hermetic sliding doors of the Hospital System range are the integral solution for operating rooms or clean rooms, since maintain the pressure differential between the inside and outside of the operating room or surgical area. The sliding option allows to obtain a wide opening for the passage of sanitary personnel and stretchers. LinCare hermetic doors are available with finishes in three materials (Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel and HPL) and lead lining can be incorporated for radiological rooms.

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1.German Dunker brush motor is introduced into this series, even longer life span, higher efficiency and maintenance free.
2.The track rail is mounted directly onto the wall, of easy installation and good-looking appearance.
3.The unique hermetization operating structure and air pressing technology obtained the National patent No.ZL 201120372271.1 ZL 201120375073.0, and then good hermeriztion meet the highest grade 8 of national standards GB/T 7106-2008.
4.Unique sinking structure of max 15mm downwards and 10mm inwards to make sure the door plate is tightly pressing the floor and frames, greatly enhanced the performance of the hermetization.
5.Operating quietly and fast, good performance in sound insulation.
6.The features of environmental protection and energy saving are realized by the strong door plate and effective opening and closing system that minimize the air flux, so that the cold air and dust will be isolated outside and the temperature and wetness inside room well kept.


Door Weight Max 150kg
Door Width 1070mm ~ 1570mm
Clearance Height 2350mm ~ 3350mm
Opening Speed 250 ~ 500mm/s (Adjustable)
Closing Speed 250 ~ 500mm/s (Adjustable)
Open Delay Time 2 ~ 20s (Adjustable)
Closing Force > 70N
Manual Open Force < 100N
Power Consumption < 150W



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